Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My family:)

As we were sitting around the dinner table someone asked my mom, "so what are you thankful for". She said it could be summed up in three words, "faith, family, and friends". We all knodded our heads in agreement. Another thing that my family is definitely thankful for would be our dogs, who we consider part of our family. They each have their own unique personality, it's so cute:)

So let me introduce you to my whole family:)
Starting from the left we have Bear, Ginger, Hobo, Baby Bell, and Trixie. (oops I forgot to take a picture of Trixie, sorry girl:)

Then we have my sister Mandy, who is beyond gorgeous and then we have our yearly family picture that we took this year on my parents 40 acres. (me, Dad, Mom, and Mandy again.) Their property and house is breath taking and I'm so excited for them:)
Love you all!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hollar Back Girrrrrlllllll:)

Janey's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and she doesn't really like to celebrate her birthday so Mark and I decided to make it a two week celebration:) We went out to dinner with friends a couple of nights. Then we all tried to surprise her with having Gary and Melissa show up but I guess she knew they were coming and pretended that she didn't know. At the end of the dinner she was like surprise I knew you were coming and I have gifts for all of you. HILARIOUS. The next weekend we drove up to San Yanez for a super nice dinner and line dancing at Mavericks:) It was heavenly:) We also got a picture with Maverick as well. Then this last weekend, Mark took Janey, Crystal, and myself to go see a Gwen Stefani concert. The whole time we were singing along and at one point the whole crowd was silent and Janey sang a solo:P I think she screamed Bananas or something like that:)

Having Janey in my life has really made me realize how fortunate I am. Not only is she my best friend but she's also the best oldest sister I could possibly ask for:P There's a country song that's called "you find out who your friends are" and this song totally describes her. I know she would drop anything for me and would be there in a split second if I needed her to be. Through the good and the bad she is there and that's just one of the many amazing qualities that she has and that I love about her.

Happy Birthday Janey, we are going to celebrate all year:) SURPRISE:)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sunny and Dave - Wedding Album:)

I just finished Sunny and Dave's wedding album this past week. They were such an amazing couple that I found it hard to pick and choose the images to go in the album. Sunny looked beyond beautful and Dave was super cute as well;) Looking back on this wedding it reminded me of how thankful I am to have clients who are as sweet and amazing as they were. It makes me even more thankful to be doing what I do:)