Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hay, red wagon, and pumpkins = Children's paradise:)

Wow has it really been over six months since I've posted??? Yikes! Well, lots to get everyone caught up on. However, I really feel like facebook is the way to follow people now a days;)

The first post goes to my good friend Kendra and her two BEAUTIFUL little girls. I went to visit them a few months ago and every time I'm with them I'm reminded how on-the-go children are. Kendra is the best mom ever and stays calm, collected, and is just so loving. I have learned so much from her and really admire her in so many ways.

We took the girls to a pumpkin patch to play around at, and let me tell you, you would've thought they were at Disney Land. It was the cutest thing. Pulling them away was a bit difficult, as you can imagine ;)

Here are just a few pictures that I took while we were there. Kendra, I can't wait to visit you again! Love ya!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A blessing in my life!

Today is my Mom's birthday and I'm so sad that I can't be there to celebrate with her and my family. For those of you who have met my mom, know just what an AMAZING women she is. There is know one like her and I feel truly blessed to have her as my own mom. She's everything that I hope to be in my own life. She's a godly, virtuous, gentle, loving, hilarious, giving, beautiful women who has a heart of gold. She is always positive and rarely did I ever see her get down or sad growing up. She always looks at the bright side. I remember growing up and how we weren't allowed to say the word BORING. If ever we said that her response was "that means you're boring" and just knowing my moms outlook on life, there was never a reason or time that allowed for one to be bord. Because life is wonderful with so many amazing opportunities just waiting for one to grab ahold of. Even when she lost a leg to cancer at the age of 21, or falling and being put in a wheelchair around the age of 45, she still lived life to the fullest. She finds joy in even the small things and brings joy to everyone she encounters. She loves her family with all her heart and truly is my biggest fan. I don't deserve her but yet God thinks I do and I'm so thankful for every memory and moment that I've gotten and will continue to spend with her.

Mom, my cup runneth over! I love you to the moon and back.
Love your biggest fan, along with Mandy and Dad of course:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Beautiful New Friend!

This last weekend our friend Shannon came out to visit us for a fun filled weekend. It's really crazy how our paths crossed. We first met Shannon when Janey, Emily and I volunteered at The Dream Center. We fell in love with her right away and started planning a trip for her to come visit us in Santa Barbara. We'd been planning this trip for a while and couldn't wait for her arrival:) Every day was spectacular and we were definitely on the go while she was here! We introduced her to many of our close friends, she wrote a song with Jon, got to hangout at the beach, go on a hike, and just had great conversations:) It was a perfect weekend! Shannon We miss you and we feel so blessed and thankful to have you as a friend!

One thing that we learned about Shannon is she has an amazing voice. Sounds alot like Taylor Swift:) So on Saturday, Annemarie, Emily and I decided to do a photoshoot with her. Her smile and laugh is contagious and she was a joy and delight to be around. We had a blast doing the photoshoot and every once in awhile I would grab a quick shot of the girls snapping away:) They're amazing photographers and I love how they'll do anything to get the shot:)

Here's a few of our fun photoshoot:)